If you surf the web regularly, you must have met many Beauty Bloggers. They often appear on news sites or social networking sites. They build personal images every day, share experiences in life, especially in the fields of shopping and beauty.

Beauty Blogger is like Streamer job is one of the attractive jobs with a huge income of the year
What is Beauty Blogger?
Beauty blogger or beauty vlogger is the name of people who love beauty work and often share it on social networks like Youtube, Facebook, website ... by using videos, images, articles.
Blog is a form of website that exists as an online diary. Bloggers can be an individual or a group to write all they want. Each Blog usually goes in a specific field, not rambling into another field. All opinions they present are based on personal opinion. These ideas can be experienced, explored or used to share with viewers and readers.

Blogger is an online blog writer. They can write contents for many different purposes such as: Life diary, life experiences, sharing happy and sad memories, ...
But most bloggers today don't stop at sharing personal stories. The purpose of writing articles or posting their pictures, videos is to build their personal image, develop their work, career, ... And the purpose that they aim for is to be able to make money from that personal blog.
Beauty Blogger has now become a profession, a job that is really attached to the life of modern people. Because talking about makeup, beauty is not just a girl's passion. There are many men who are also interested in cosmetic lines, body beauty methods. In particular, many people are interested in beauty to buy things for their girlfriends.

Therefore, Beauty Bloggers often review which product lines are good, the perfect skin care, the most fresh and natural way to make up and beauty. Beauty Bloggers know how to lead the beauty trend, they have the ability to demonstrate the influence of style and lifestyle on young people.
How do Beauty Bloggers make money?
Beauty Blogger is considered the influencer of the community (influencer). They have a huge fan base, or huge followers. This helps them develop marketing plans to reach a broader audience.
With a great influence on the public, each of their posts, videos, blog posts easily get the attention of millions of people. For example, in Vietnam, there are beauty bloggers with huge followers on Youtube channels such as Changmakeup, Chloe Nguyen, ... with each video they share, it can reach millions of views. This is a place that can reach a lot of potential customers and of course the big cosmetic brands will not ignore this.
Monetize YouTube views
Youtube pays for videos with lots of views. Some famous Bloggers in the world like Michelle Phan always have huge views of tens of millions of views. Views will be converted to money by Youtube to pay them.
However, the amount that Bloggers earn from the views that Youtube pays is not much. Hence, this is not their ultimate monetization goal.