Previously, owning a website for business was difficult for people with little technology knowledge. If outsourcing, the cost is also very high. However, at present, many platforms have emerged to meet the needs of creating a website for business. In which Shopify is one of the popular platforms, especially MMO. So what's special about this platform and what is the current trend to make money with Shopify. Join us to find out right in the article below.

1. What is Shopify?
With the development of e-commerce, creating a website for business on digital platforms has never become so easy. Shopify is a platform to help you do just that, this platform helps you create an e-commerce website with the most basic steps that a person without any programming knowledge can do.

Founded in 2016 by the company of the same name, Shopify has grown to be one of the top options for doing online business on an e-commerce platform.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify?
Shopify is the always up-to-date, optimized TMDT platform to bring out superior advantages over competitors in the same field.

2.1 On advantages
Ease of Use: This is arguably the most prominent advantage of this platform, which is why e-commerce businesses choose Shopify over other platforms. Shopify is easy to use even for those who are not too technically savvy. With Shopify, you can design a user-friendly selling website, post products, create promotions, push sales, and process orders with ease.

There are many beautiful and professional website themes for sales: Shopify provides sellers with many completely free website themes in Shopify Theme Store. In addition to the available themes, Shopify Theme Store also has more eye-catching premium themes to give sellers more options to optimize their shop.

24/7 support: Shopify's technical support staff are available 24/7, helping you to solve all your questions and problems when using Shopify.

The leading e-commerce platform: Currently, Vietnam's 4.0 technology is extremely developed, when you use Shopify, you have laid the foundation of your websiste to go out to the world.

Maximum integration for advertising features: Most of e-commerce websites today are using google and facebook ads to advertise their services and products. Shopify is built-in to help you plan your best ads.

Integrate payment for visa, mastercard:
Automatic email sending system: Shopify's email will automatically send you an order confirmation email, or problems with creating an account, password ...

2.2 Disadvantages
Online payment: Shopify does not provide a domestic payment service, but can only make international payments by master card or visa card, and Shopify will then charge a surcharge of 2% to 3%
Speed: If the cable is faulty today, your business on the Shopify website platform will stall.
Application cost: Most of Shopify's plugins today are charged monthly, but you cannot buy once.
URL structure: Shopify requires users to use an existing URL
3. How does Shopify work?
If you just heard of it, everyone would think that the way Shopify works must be very complicated. But in fact, the opposite is because Shopify is extremely simple.

All you need to prepare to be able to successfully install the Shopify website is an internet connection, a VISA card to pay for usage fees, and the most important thing is the product that you want to do business.