WHAT IS OLA NETWORK (OLA CITY)? HOW TO MAKE Passive Income 1 million / day while working with OLA NETWORK

One more new project has been actively participated in by the Vietnamese MMO community. Ola Network (ola city) is a project that brings together methods of making money online to help members earn up to 1 million / day when doing all the tasks. This convenient article will detail how to make money for free with Ola Network from registering an account to performing detailed tasks for newbies to have maximum income with this project

 Ola Network (Ola City) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info
Ola Network (The managing company: Ola City) is a free online money-making platform for everyone to join by performing some simple tasks such as registering an account, watching ads, downloading apps ... or maybe Save money by joining the cashback program when you shop at thousands of online and offline stores affiliated with Ola Network.
You can roughly understand how Ola Network is going to gather tasks to make money online for free in it. And when we register, we get money and OlaNetwork also gets money. Paying us is the Affilate money that OlaNetwork makes for the partners they associate.

So this money making platform will be extremely reputable and extremely HOT in 2020. Because the web benefits and membership benefits too. With Ola Network you can add more passive income during leisure time. You can earn bonuses for completing tasks like: register an account, watch ads, download apps, shop,….
Instructions for registration of Ola Network accounts

Step 1: Click the link to register: Link to register your account: https://olacity.com/dang-ky
Sign up for an account
Step 2: Go to Gmail to confirm
Step 3: Authenticate information, enable 2FA security
Authenticate information, enable 2FA security
So you have finished registering your Ola network account. Next to make money with olanetwork you do tasks every day in the tasks category section.
Make money with Ola Network
Ola Network is a free project and does not charge any other user fees when participating in making money above. Here, you can join campaigns and member quests for free.
The time you do the task is not much, just one day you invest about 1-2 hours to perform and complete the tasks, including: Download the app, watch ads, do surveys, register for an account. , ...

Link to register account: https://olacity.com/dang-ky
When completing all the tasks, you can earn from 100,000 -> 500,000 VND depending on the progress of completing the task. Time and progress to complete your work fast, receive bonus Bonuses corresponding to the value you give.
Ways to make money with Ola Network
Option 1: Perform tasks such as downloading apps, watching advertisements, doing surveys ... you will receive from VND 1000 to VND 500,000 depending on the campaign. Your time and effort will be commensurate with what you can get. Will be released on July 15
Option 2: Use the cashback feature of Ola Network to shop at leading e-commerce sites in Vietnam as well as offline stores affiliated with OlaNetwork to get a refund from 3% - 50% depending on each item. cooperation. Will be released on July 15
Method 3: Build a team to make money with you and you will enjoy% of the income on the total group that you build. For each member you invite you will receive 2,500 VND. and you will receive 5% of their monthly income.
Especially with the 10-storey system will give you a huge passive income if you build a team of about 100 - 1000 people. For example, your group has a total of 100 members. Each member earns 1 million / month => your income = 1trx100x5% = 5 million. This income is completely passive, guys. So what if you have groups of 1000 people, 1000 people ???? Surely the income will be very much.