What is Amazon Affiliate? How to make money effectively with Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon is one of the largest online retail websites in the world today. Amazon is like a multi-purpose retail store, with high quality merchandise. It is the reputation and quality of products on this trading floor that have helped attract a huge number of customers from many countries around the world.

What is Amazon Affiliate?
Affiliate Amazon is Amazon's online marketing program officially known as Amazon Associate. With this program you can participate in marketing, promoting products on Amazon and receive a commission for every order you successfully market.
Perhaps when it comes to affiliate marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is affiliate marketing with Amazon, one of the earliest and still very successful affiliate programs. Especially in 2019, Amazon has made a move to invest and enter the Vietnamese market. So the opportunity to make money with Amazon is really potential.

One of the special features that makes Amazon's affiliate marketing program popular with many people is because Amazon is a large and extremely reputable website in the world. Most of the products are of good quality, quite easy to sell, with a huge number of customers from all over the world. But that is why the affiliate policy for Amazon is also extremely strict. Therefore, you need to learn carefully before starting to make money online with Affiliate Amazon.

How to make money with Amazon Affiliate 2019

1. Select Niche
If you want to join and make money from Amazon's Affiliate program, you should start by choosing your niche.

Niche or Niche market is simply a niche market. Since the resources are limited, you cannot promote the entire product range, you need to choose for yourself a niche, where you have an advantage over other publishers.

Choosing Niche will determine the product selection and creating sales content. The selected product should fall under the Best-selling category. The advantage of doing affiliate marketing is that you will have a huge inventory of tools to support product and market research.

Some of the most popular market and product research tools include:

• Synccentric: product selection and data analysis

• Ecomspy: Analyze competitors, find profitable items

• SellerChamp: find products and optimize prices, automatically complete orders, ...

• BigTracker: statistics and analysis of sales, items and niches

• E-com Solution: Manage warehouse, calculate profit, help find business items, ..

2. Create website and content for the web
In the MMO field in general, affiliate marketing in particular wants to go a long way and do it seriously, then building a website is almost a must.

Creating an Amazon affiliate site can be difficult for some of you who don't know much about programming. However, you can hire a technician to help them handle this step. Or you can also use available web platforms like Shopify, Wix or as simple as WordPress.

You can build your website in a number of popular forms such as:

• Review, product reviews
• Website comparing prices, products
• Website news, banner advertising
• Website providing discount codes ...

After having a website the next important thing is to create content to attract potential customers. Choosing a Niche will be directly related to the content building for your website and SEO optimization. If you do not choose Niche in the first place, your content will be spread out and will not attract users and your chances of selling will decrease. You can create this content yourself or outsource, a new website will need about 20 articles to get started.

The first stage when making money with amazon affiliate you can also invest in advertising to get customers to know your website while also helping to push up SEO keywords faster (Google Adword ads). In addition, Facebook and Instagram ads lead to Amazon links is also a way many Publisher choose.

3. Create affiliate link Amazon Amazon and promote
After signing up for an Amazon Associates account, you get the affiliate link and put it on your website. Note that you need to put the affiliate link in the right place and appear just right, do not spam too much.

In terms of article content, sales articles will often intersperse articles that share useful content for users or you can create a standalone section for it depending on the type of product. Suppose you sell to football fans, you can make your own store item and upload products such as hats, shoes, shirts, ... But if the product you choose is a complex one. A little bit, a tutorial article with affiliate link is necessary.

4. Optimization for Amazon Affiliate Site
Whether doing Amazon Affiliate or any type of making money online you also need to be responsive to market information and constantly changing to optimize the system, content, experience, conversion, ...

The larger the scale, the more important it becomes to keep track of the metrics. We can use sensory to evaluate when the site has only a few products, or the number of orders is limited. But once the Amazon Affiliate Site can grow to the level of a million traffic a day or a thousand products and orders per day, you will have to have statistics and reviews. Hence, optimization is extremely necessary.

Advantages of the Amazon Affiliate program
• Is a reputable website with high coverage
• There is nothing to argue with the brand reputation of Amazon - the largest e-commerce platform in the world today. Hundreds of millions of products are for sale here. In 2018, nearly 50% of all US online sellers came from Amazon. Website reaches more than 600 million unique visitors per month.
• Diverse and quality products
• Amazon sells a wide range of items across all categories. No matter how small and novel the niche you choose, Amazon will have the right merchandise for your customer file.
• Stable commission level