The 6 most effective ways to get your first commissioned (actual picture)

The essence of the affiliate marketing model is based on the relationship network. So if you are a newbie, take advantage of this yourself.

Buy by yourself through affiliate link
It sounds too… ridiculous, but this is the first way that ad has ever heard of Affiliate, to get a "discount" on the orders I buy every day. Here, certainly no Publisher has never bought products online through e-commerce floors. So why not take advantage of this to buy goods at a cheaper price? Also test to see how the commissioning in e-commerce camps is.

Used product review
Every day you use a lot of products for yourself and your family. So why not write a review of their usage or effectiveness. 90% of products you can find on e-commerce sites to have Affiliate links. After sharing articles on your personal page, if someone buys you will get a commission for yourself.

Hunting and sharing promotions / hot gifts
Every month, e-commerce floors always have hot programs. Please follow this information hard on the homepage of the floor, FB groups and also on ACCESSTRADE channels, then share with your family and friends the program information and affiliate link.

This is considered the SIMPLE way that has been used successfully by many new pubs, because the sales programs of e-commerce floors are still going on.
Use images of celebrities who have used products
Special products, especially D2C and E-commerce cosmetics, have a lot of documents about KOL, famous people review and use that product. You can get these materials to recommend, push the number of products and enjoy commissions. The documentation is usually attached to the Dashboard of each campaign.

Get together to buy together
You can share products with friends, use affiliate links and receive a commission on the displayed price of the product. This is a great way to both take advantage of HOT promotions and help your friends buy better prices.

If you know that your friends are going to buy online, especially expensive items such as phones, tablets, inviting you to buy goods via affiliate link can save them over 150k / product.

To do this, ACCESSTRADE suggests you can gather a group of about 5 people who often shop online, and later, when you receive a commission, go out for a cafe together. In particular, it is too easy for the office ladies to form such groups.

Loan referral
Short-term loans are quite suitable campaign for Publisher, especially loans under 10 million VND. You can find out the terms of your campaign loan and advise you on a loan to your audience. For each successful borrower, you will receive 1 corresponding commission.
Participate in running Shopee Live campaigns
There is an extremely easy campaign for Newbie that you do not need to have a Web, also do not need to create affiliate links, even without products? That is Shopee Live. Just one smartphone, you can livestream to introduce the latest SHopee promotions, or share your experience of a certain product. If a customer makes a purchase in your Livestream, you will get a commission. Extremely easy, right.