Making money online is no longer a new form of making money for many people. But to choose a way to make money sustainably and effectively, not everyone knows, especially for students. Like other businesses, making money online is also not an easy task. If you are a student and are wondering which method of making money online is best. Today, ACCESSTRADE would like to send you the article "Synthesize the latest ways to make money online for students in 2020, especially all the work without capital".

Popular methods, easy to do but less stable

Do the survey
This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. With each survey conducted at a platform like Survey Compare, you can earn money from several thousand VND / visit, or gift certificates and many other free and interesting products.

First, you sign up for an account, then receive and complete the survey forms you receive via email and complete them online. Money, gifts and more from the administration will be sent to you upon completion of the form

Fill out the capcha form
Capcha-rated sites are such as This website allows users to monetize captchas, from the words you type on the machine as required. With each captcha you type completed, you will earn between $ 3-100. Just register for an account and activate your account, you can start downloading software to your computer and making money online right away.

This is a job suitable for those who have good typing speed, perseverance and have a lot of time.

But why is this an unsustainable approach?
When surfing the web, it is not difficult for you to hear or be invited to the forms of making money online such as: Type capcha, do online surveys, click ads, read ads, ....

These are also the forms that many people choose, but they are not effective because:
Reason # 1: Many people stumble in it because of its ease. These forms are like working for others without thinking, brainstorming, just click, survey, type capcha like a machine and you cannot develop yourself.

Reason 2: Income potential with these forms is extremely low, almost none, you can only earn a few pennies to spend every day.

Reason 3: These forms are very easy to cheat and steal your money. Because most sites that allow you to do this are hosting overseas. They can deactivate your account at any time. The effort you make for 1, 2 months can be immediately lost and importantly you have no idea how to contact and reclaim it. Of course there is also no legal authority to protect you.