Make money with Tiktok, have you tried it (Part 2)

In part one we learned how influencers have embraced the trend and how to make money with Tiktok.

1.Customer file characteristics and suitable products for sale on Tiktok
According to specific statistics from Tiktok, in Vietnam, the age group 18-24 uses Tiktok the most. This is an age group with a modern, open-minded lifestyle, hobby of interacting and updating trends on social networks.

Different from Facebook, in Tiktok, the customer file is quite young, so the best-selling items are usually:

According to the trend: Tiktok is a place to create a very effective trend, you can take advantage of this factor to trade hot products, stick to the trend.
Cosmetics, accessories, handmade goods, fashion, ...: These products are always indispensable needs, so you can effectively do business on Tiktok.
2. Types of advertising on tiktok
At the present time, Tiktok has the following 4 types of advertising:

Brand Takeovers (brand advertising): is the form of advertising when a user opens Tiktok applications. The advertisement will be displayed first on the launching screen when users access the TikTok application. Ad display time is between 3s (for photos) and less than 5s (for gifs and videos). This type of ad will direct users to the brand's landing page.

In Feed Video: This type of ad will appear like videos on Tiktok at random, which will direct users to the brand's Landing Page or App Download.

Hashtag Challenges: This type of ad often contains #hashtag with the purpose of enticing users to create videos around that topic, hashtag.

Branded lense - (Two-way interactive TikTok Ads): This form of ad works similar to the funny effects of Snapchat and Instagram stories, the lense generated from the brand will appear in the “hot” section. or "trending" for the first 5 days of launch and last up to 10 days.

This is a form of TikTok advertising that promotes two-way interaction between users and brands, through user-generated content.

TikTok's advertising is aimed at targeted customers based on their interests, audiences, etc., so it creates conditions for brands and businesses to make advertising more effective. Depending on your brand's advertising needs, you will choose one of the most effective forms of advertising on Tiktok.

However, at the moment the most popular form is the one: Brand takeover ads and In-feed ads video help you bring customers to your own sales homepage, the conversion rate will be higher.

️3. Notes when running Tiktok ads
3.1 Select products and categories
Based on the characteristics of Tiktok's main users, it is easy to see that the products that are easily sold on Tiktok are the products with the following characteristics:

Belongs to the group of beauty products, beauty care, and make up products

Products related to the daily life of young people (watches, glasses, sneakers, etc.)

3.2 Carefully read Tiktok's advertising policies
Similar to Facebook, Google, Snapchat, ... Tiktok they also have their own advertising policies, and in general, the policy is quite similar to Zalo, Facebook.

Products under DONG Y, TPCN, ... will need to have business registration papers, business certificates, ... then Tiktok can approve for you. Most of these products in Vietnam do not have a clear origin and effectiveness, so the rate of approval is still very low.

Most of you run ads on Tiktok with the main purpose of selling, and usually when the customer clicks on the ad, they will go to the Landing page or a specific website. You need to have information about the business such as: Contact email, phone number, address, ... of the business, the rate of approval for advertising will be higher.