Publish0x is a pay-as-you-go platform for reading newspapers or blogging on their website. Easily earn 300k / day for free by reading the newspaper or posting 1 article on their website every day.

What is Publish0x?
Simply put, Publish0x is a website that allows us to read everyone's shared articles about cryptocurrencies such as: BTC, ETH, ADA, BAT…. and you will get a cryptocurrency bonus from what you read at the lowest get rate of 0% to 80%. The remaining 20% ​​is the lowest rate a content publisher will get.
In addition, you can earn extra income by writing articles on the website of Publish0x. You will also receive electricity bills if someone reads them from your share. They will tip you at a rate of 20% -80%.

Make money with Publish0x
Make money with Publish0x - Read newspaper make money online Free from $ 5 - $ 10 per day (Proof of withdrawal already available). Website has been operating for nearly 1 year, foreign parties have paid evenly and agreed to have received $ 15 (300k) payment for the first day when registering this project.
Sign up for an account
First you register an account on the website Publish0x to be able to make free money every day:
Registration link:
You enter your email and password to create an account, the website will send an email verification as follows:
Video direction to make money with Publish0x
Here is a detailed video making money with Publish0x by reading newspapers, posting articles or recommending websites for others:
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Publish0x withdrawal to your bank account
To withdraw money from Publish0x to your bank account, you need to withdraw 2 times because this website pays in crypto (coin: ETH, BTC, BAT, ...)
Withdraw money from the floor in VND to the bank
You register 1 wallet at an exchange to convert from coin to VND, which is the VNDC exchange. After withdrawing coin from Publish0x to the exchange, just press convert after 1 minute of money to your bank account.
Link to register VNDC exchange here: