Downloading apps on your phone is one of the most popular ways to make money online on smartphones today. When you participate in interacting with apps on your phone, you can be paid in various forms such as scratch card, paypal or cash, bank transfer. The payment of fees depends on the way each business is.

In fact, they don't work and release apps for free. The purpose they pay you for forces you to perform the actions they require. These actions are mutually beneficial, and no one can harm anyone. Possibly, their ultimate goal of releasing the app and paying users for downloading the app is a marketing strategy. These can be strategies like:
- Like, share, increase engagement on Facebook posts
- Do surveys
- Please see the advertisement on the phone
- Read articles (containing advertising content) on your phone
- Links to invite others to download the app, ...
The money making app on Android
Applications to read newspaper VN Today
Downloading a VN newspaper reader app Today you have two advantages: that is, you can read newspapers for free and have money. Just you need to search on CH Play VN app Today, perform the operations that this application requires, you will receive the corresponding amount. Currently, VN Day Nay Newspaper is rewarding people who download applications on their mobile phones with 50,000 VND.
This is a viral marketing campaign. With such a form that brings many benefits to users, VN Today Nay Newspaper can pull thousands of app downloads per day. Sure, when you've finished downloading and get the bonus, you can also share this with your friends and family members. Just like that, the spread of the benefits was multiplied, the more people who downloaded this app.

To continue to receive additional bonuses, you can use the invite friends feature. This feature is located in the "My Referral Code", allowing you to take the link and post it on facebook, share it with your friends and invite them to download this application.
You will earn coins and convert to bonuses when friends download this app. The more downloads, the greater the bonus. You can use coins to shop on e-commerce sites like shopee, tiki, ... Or change to scratch cards. With this marketing campaign, Vietnam Today's apps will really attract more app installs.
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Make money with New Newspaper application
Newspapers Moi is a hot news site that reads online newspapers (electronic newspapers). Every day, this newspaper page updates the fastest and the earliest hot information in life.
The marketing campaign that Moi Bao conducts is: You install New Newspaper application, invite your friends to install, and both of you are given phone cards. With this campaign, New Newspaper brings an enjoyable experience for users. They have been updated with hot news every day, and have scratch cards to recharge their phones.

For New Newspaper, their viral marketing campaign is similar to VN Today's Newspaper. You also have an introduction code, use that code to share on facebook for your friends to install. Each successful installment, you and that friend will earn extra coins to redeem rewards.
Make money with MoMo application
The MoMo (Mobile Money) wallet application strongly implements its marketing strategy. This is a fast and convenient online payment application. You can use MoMo to pay for phone cards, utility bills, book movie tickets, book tickets, ...
MoMo integrates many convenient features, so the coverage of this application extends across the country. Anyone using Smartphone can use MoMo as a fast, responsive and powerful payment support tool.
To make money on MoMo app, you need a bank account. This app will link to your bank account that you use. When the installation is successful, you will be paid 100,000 VND to your account. Really awesome.
Besides, when you invite your friends to install and use MoMo, both of you get bonuses. The more you invite, the more money you get. Too good, isn't it?
"The secret" to make money through the effective app
There are many ways for you to use the app to make money on your phone. Depending on the thinking and acumen of each person, you can make a lot or a little money.