6 common MMO mistakes people make when starting out

In general, some common mistakes when starting MMO can be mentioned as: thinking MMO is easy, impatient, lack of information, lack of orientation, .

Mistake 1: Just want to sell without solving the problem for the customer

Perhaps the biggest problem new to affiliate marketing beginners is promoting products that don't really solve the problem for their customers. This often happens when you just want to make money first, instead of serving customers first.

Even know that when doing Affiliate Marketing, sell as much as possible. But remember, this is affiliate marketing. Ie we are the ones who introduce the product to the user through the marketing links.

People often consult someone's reviews before making a buying decision. To persuade them to buy, you have to understand what your customers are facing, find out solutions to solve that problem. Finally come up with your product and explain why your product can solve your customer's problems.

Or even, you should also come up with solutions without regard to whether you can propose products through that solution to earn commissions. Because as mentioned above, do not just work hard to make money. Sharing and serving customers is your first task!

Mistake 2: Being dishonest about the product being promoted

Consumers are now smarter and more cautious than before. You promote a product that is only filled with compliments "virtual pans", trying to cover up the defects, they will immediately know that you are advertising, not advising them. Even if you can sell, but customers use the product much lower than their expectation, of course, they will never hear you advise again.

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing in the long term, remember: never be blinded by commissions! You introduce to the customer product A, toss it into the blue clouds, use big words such as "No. 1 in the market", "Top 10 in the world", "Very good, extremely unique", " The only defect of the product is that there is no defect ”… trying to live and die selling the product is simply because it has a high commission, but in fact, you don't know what quality! Then you "me" already. Beliefs will break cleanly connoisseurs.

It is best to introduce the products you have used and thoroughly experience, understand the pros and cons of that product. Or at least, if you can not use the product, you must learn carefully through the reviews of the previous person.

A story about Wirecutter
Wirecutter is a website that specializes in product reviews. For each product showcased, company employees spent several hundred hours testing the previous one, then produced a report, surprisingly detailed, summing up pros and cons, pros and cons the most authentic experience of the product. The site has received a lot of praise from various media outlets, including the New York Time newspaper. Traffic per month on average is more than 12 million, enough to see how great the trust they build for customers!

Mistake 3: Disregard for a customer's after-purchase experience

Many of you bring the idea of ​​"bring your children to the market" and successfully convince customers to buy goods. How do customers then use the product, are satisfied or have any problems with it, then ignore it, thinking it is the provider's job (advertiser).

You should not have that mindset if you really want to grow in the long term with Affiliate Marketing. Read through the customer feedback and pay attention to their problems, put them together, find ways to solve them or ask the help of Advertiser. This way, customers will feel respected, see that you really care about their feelings. In Maslow's pyramid of needs, the need to be respected comes second, only after the need to be expressed himself.

Pat Flynn is an extremely successful blogger with Affiliate Marketing. After receiving some negative feedback about the Bluehost service he referred to his readers, he flew to Utah to speak directly with the Bluehost staff about the problems customers were having. As a result, Pat has both had a long-term partnership with Bluehost, and has earned himself a dozen loyal customers.

Building long-term and solid trust with customers is extremely important. Among a publisher who works hard at selling goods, making as much money as possible, he doesn't care what his customers will get. With a publisher always trying to share and bring the best experience for users. Who do you think customers will trust more?

Mistake 4: Not focusing on your niche

In the beginning, market diversification is not necessary. Even many pro Affiliate Marketing focus solely on one niche of them.

Do not stand by mountain and mountain. You need to be persistent with the niche you have chosen. Today was doing niche A, the next day waiting for niche B to release many applications, the next day my friend said that niche C has few competitors. If you keep changing all the time or distracting your thoughts into so many niches, you will miss out on valuable opportunities and end up with nothing.

Ignore the invitation from other markets, focus on developing the intentions, ideas you are working on. After having experience and stabilizing with that market, it is not too late to cross your pitch to another field.

When doing affiliate marketing, if you succeed, you will benefit. If unfinished, someone else will enjoy for you.

Mistake 5: Refusing to spend time doing self-study

Some of the questions that I get a lot from new publishers are “I've been working for almost a month with so little commission. How to make more orders? "," Which campaign is the most effective, customers buy the most? "," I copy and paste the full link on my personal pages and groups, why can't I get any commission? " or the questions about "CPS, CPO, CPL, ... what?", "How to create a website, how to run FB ads?", "How to write content?", ...

You absolutely can find the answer by asking Uncle Google or see the article Affiliate Marketing term you need to know. From simple, general answers to detailed, in-depth answers, it's all on it. There are many documents in Vietnamese language, but English is even richer and more diverse. Of course, there will be content you have to pay to read, or the knowledge you have to learn a course that will be presented to you.

But for the basics, you have to find out for yourself. If even that doesn't work, then Affiliate Marketing or any other form of MMO cannot forever bring you a decent income.

Mistake 6: Join the wrong Affiliate Network by mistake

The eternal problem we often encounter is misplaced trust. A number of new affiliate systems appear on the market with very high commissions, easily attracting publishers to join the run, but those are just the shortcomings, and then there are always issues like successful orders. The public went unrecognized, or worse, the Network just disappeared after a fine day.