3 ways to make money effectively for influencers. You already know?

Most people know that influencers can monetize their blogs or social media accounts. Usually, successful influencers will view this as not just a hobby but also a way to generate a steady income for them, like a full-time job.

Affiliate Marketing
One of the easiest ways to get started but not a convenient path to becoming a "master" is affiliate marketing. The basic revenue generating nature of this form is that influencers will recommend / review a product or service; Then get a commission when someone makes a successful purchase through the influencer's link.

The income that influencers earn from Affiliate will depend on the user's spending after clicking on the link. Parties will share commissions with influencers based on a percentage, usually around 5-30%. Some areas may be higher or lower. Depending on the degree of influence, the number of participating campaigns that the influencer income gets from the affiliate will vary. For example, an influencer at ACCESSTRADE only relies on the number of followers that each month can earn hundreds of millions of income.

Make money effectively for influencers from views
Influencers can also monetize through Display Advertising. This is an effective form of "money making" for influencers that are popularly deployed on Youtube (Youtube Adsense) and Facebook (Facebook Ads Break) platforms. Accordingly, when influencers have built themselves a qualified channel to enable "make money" of Facebook or Youtube:

• Facebook Ads Break: Fanpage has at least 10,000 followers; Minimum 30,000 views of 1 minute or more for videos that last at least 3 minutes in the past 60 days. For Facebook, businesses will insert promotional videos in the middle of videos that are playing on the influencer fanpage.

• Youtube Adsense: Account must accumulate at least 4,000 viewing hours in 1 year and own 1,000 subscribers. For Youtube, businesses will insert ads before / during / after the video of the viewer in the form of a video or website access banner, landing page, ...

With the form of "making money" on Youtube, influencers will usually pay attention to the RPM (Revuenue per mille) index, depending on the region this number will be markedly different. For example, in Europe and America, depending on the topic, the RPM will be about 4-8 USD / 1,000 views. In Vietnam, this number usually ranges from 0.3 - 0.7 USD / 1,000 views. The total revenue that Youtuber receives will be based on the number of views and the percentage of users who click on the ad. If the clickthrough rate is too low, the number of RPM can drop to 0.1 -0.2 USD, even 0.01 USD / 1,000 views.

So how much money can an influencer make monthly?

An example of a recent network phenomenon is "Mrs. Tan Vlog". Assuming the lowest average RPM is 0.3 USD to calculate the income level for this Youtube channel. With the number of 61.58 million viewers in a month (data from Socialblade), the average "Mrs. Tan Vlog" will have an income of 18,474 USD. After from 15% of copyright protection cost of multi-channel MCN network (Multi-channel Network). At that time, the final figure that Youtuber received was $ 15,703, equivalent to VND 363.4 million in a month.

Ms. Tan Vlog is a typical example of making money on youtube

However, making money from Youtube is only "temporary" if you do not plan to develop more diverse content. Therefore, many influencers often combine Youtube and affiliate channel jobs to ensure a stable source of income.

Write, record advertising reviews about brand or location / product / service
Besides Display advertising, influencers can participate in content production in marketing campaigns. With this form, influencers will directly advertise the business's products / services and receive "remuneration". Or, in the travel industry, companies will finance travel costs alongside commissions so that influencers go directly to the desired destination to promote. In the above cases, influencers will through writing articles, taking selfies, recording videos to post on their channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, ..) to introduce products or a certain destination.

Babykopo home is a familiar influencer reviewing food and home appliances

Thao Nari, a gaming streamer

For Celebs, they can make about $ 3,000 or more for a single post. Then for travel and experience influencers usually do not ask for that price. However, the figure will range from a few hundred to about $ 2,000 per campaign, based on industry, engagement, product or service relevance.

For good branding influencers, in addition to book books, some businesses may invite you to become brand / campaign ambassadors. Then the income you will receive will be higher, because it will include the additional cost of using the image. Depending on the level and duration of cooperation, it will affect the amount of income that influencer earns from this form.