What is Google Adsense? How to make money online with Google Adsense

What is Google adsense? For those who do MMO, Google Adsense must be very familiar. There are many different ways to make money MMO and Google Adsense is an indispensable form.

What is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is an advertising network developed by Google. It is the bridge between people who want to place ads and those who install ads.

Adsense is a form of Cost Per Click advertising (CPC), users click on the ad and you will receive money, while the product / service provider must pay Google to post ads (Google Adwords).

Google Adsense allows advertisers (website owners, traffic channels or videos with views) to place ads (including banner text, images, videos) on their website (or video). and pay per user clicks on the ad.
To make money with Google Adsense, you need to create an account to run ads. Google Adsense accounts are divided into 2 categories:

• Google Adsense Hosted Account: Dedicated to Youtube channel. If you are making money with Youtube, you must be too familiar with this type of account. Just create a monetization channel, you can easily sign up successfully without waiting for long approval.

• Google Adsense Content account: Dedicated to Website channel. This is a GA account registered through the Website, in order to be considered for an account opening, you need to own a website with stable traffic and comply with the terms of Google adsense.

Conditions for successful registration for a Google Adsense (GA) account
To be able to start making money with Google Adsense is that you need a website with a certain number of visitors.
Once you have a website you can register and wait for Google to approve. Normally, Google's review regulations are quite strict. Currently, the two types of websites that are most easily accepted by Google are news websites and personal blogs.

Outside of the website you need to ensure other factors but most importantly: the content of the website.

Your content must make sure it is self-written, and that the content is useful to the user. The content criteria that Google gives are:

• Adult content, violence, racism, etc. will not be approved.
• Content containing counterfeit products, piracy, trademark, content copy, content spam will also be rejected.
• Content must be user-oriented, providing the best user experience.
• Policy-compliant website behavior: Failure to redirect users to unwanted pages (frame popup), direct to links to download malware, ... will be denied.
• Ensure the quality of the landing page (your website), page loading speed, ...
• Other technical requirements, cookie policy, .. How to make money effectively with Google Adsense
The principle of making money with Google Adsense is very simple that when users visit your website to find and read content and they click on the ad displayed on the website, you will receive money from it. So, the way to make a lot of money from Google Adsense is that you need to pull traffic to your website as much as possible.

1. Steps to make money with Google Adsense
Specifically, the steps in the process of making money with Google Adsense are:

• Step 1: Complete the website.

• Step 2: Define the topic and build website content. The content should be good quality, not copied, and useful for readers. If the content is good, it will attract a lot of traffic and you can easily advertise.

• Step 3: Sign up for a Google Adsense account. Do this step when your website already has a certain amount of articles and 1 traffic amount.

• Step 4: Earn traffic to your website. Your website has a lot of traffic to get more clicks on the ad to make a profit.

2 Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Website
Option 1: SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a form of search engine optimization so that your website has high keyword rankings on Google. If SEO is good, besides Google Adsense, you can make money with many other forms such as:

Online business: Selling your products / services.

Make money with affiliate marketing: Advertise other people's products and services.

SEO is an indispensable factor to make money with Adsense. Because the amount of searches from Google is infinite, not only Google Adsense but also other online money making segments need it.

Method 2: Pull traffic from Social channel.

Social are social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, ... You can build a Fanpage, direct readers to the website to make money with adsense.

Method 3: Run ads

This way you will have to spend money to run ads with a certain Ads Network Facebook, Google ... This will help increase traffic to the website. However, this approach is quite risky and requires a strategy and budget to measure the effectiveness. This is not the right way for beginners who do not have much experience and capital.