Previously, making money through the money-making app on the phone had no significant income. However, in recent years, with the development of technology revolution 4.0, the application (app) to make money on smartphones has really exploded. So how to make money on the phone through the application (app)?

What is monetization app?
App make money (android app, ios) is an application (app) that provides online money making tasks on it. You have to use your smartphone smarrtphone to install, use and perform tasks to earn income.

After completing the tasks, the rewards you get from the app publisher are cash, scratch cards ... or points, coins to convert to money.
The tasks of the app (app) monetize
App publishers need to promote in order to get users to install and use their apps, so they have edited out reward programs through duty.
The publisher pays bonuses when you do one of the following:
Introduce (invite) friends to install the application (people make money often called ref recruitment): The money making app will give you a link to invite friends or provide a code to get bonus for you to introduce your friends to enter.
See ads on the app
Read newspapers or watch videos on the app
Answer survey questions
Share articles on social networks
and many other forms depending on the app to make money, ...
General requirements of the application (app) monetization
Requires you to use a smartphone running 1 of 2 operating systems Android or iOS to install apps and the indispensable problem is the phone must have an internet connection.
Another requirement is that you need a bank account (you should register for more online transaction services via smart banking, internet banking), an e-wallet because some money making applications need to link to pay for money. friend.
How to join: Install App on your phone ==> Go to Invite friends (introduction) to get the link to share on facebook, or blog, zalo, .. ...
Top reputable money making app today
Application (App) to read newspapers / listen to music / watch videos
1. Read newspaper make money VN TODAY
2. Download Good Newspaper 24h , read the newspaper and make money, up to 1,000,000 VND!
>> Link:
3. App watch comedy Clipclaps:
ClipClaps tutorial:
4. Current Music Player App:
Click Link app:
If you can't download it, please go to your phone settings -> Turn off the "Developers Option" option.
After that go to the app to log in again.
How to play the app: Listen to music and get points. You should pay attention to the app, while listening to music, the app asks you to watch an ads video, then listen to the music and can receive points. If you do not watch advertisements, you will not receive points when you listen to music.
Paypal: Min withdraw $ 1
5. New Newspaper - read newspaper for scratch cards:
Application (app) to borrow money
1. Uvay: When registering uvay in addition to you can borrow a small amount of money, uvay also has a function to help you make money through the introduction of borrowers or referring collaborators.
2. VDong: CLICK HERE to register
3. Akulaku:
Akulaku tutorial:
Click here to register to join Akulaku
Electronic wallet application (app)
1. MoMo e-wallet - Receive 100,000 VND immediately when you introduce your friends to install Momo app and connect with your bank account.
MOMO making money tutorial:
Link register to participate in making money MOMO
.. also updated more ...