Online monetization survey jobs are no longer new to the MMO community. But to choose reputable online survey sites with high income, not everyone can do it. After 3 months of experience, you can synthesize 8 paid websites through high-income survey.

What is Monetization Survey?
Survey making money (Making money through survey or Paid Survey) is a form of real money made for the purpose of gathering information about a certain issue. The company or person taking the survey will pay the customer or employee to do the survey.
There are 2 types of surveys: offline survey and online survey (online):
Ofline survey: Usually a company wants to survey about a certain product, they have to investigate the market by creating a questionnaire, then form a survey form, hire people to ask one by one. Statistics and results.
Online surveys: Since the Internet is available, online surveys are easier. However, if the survey is offline, which means that an employee asks one by one, often has a small gift such as a gift package or a certain item, then on the Internet, the payment is very difficult. So companies offering paid survey services were born. These intermediary companies receive survey requests from companies that want to investigate the market, prepare a questionnaire and then submit it to their system. At the same time, their system also brings together a large number of members by age, occupation, gender, interest, etc. And they started to sort out which survey was right for who, set an appropriate pay-out fee, and send it out to their members. Members answer those surveys, get their own money, and the company gets the results. This is completely legal and highly recommended because it saves a lot of money for businesses that want to do market surveys, usually the cost of doing online surveys is 3 to 5 times cheaper than doing wall surveys. .
There is only one problem: doing regular surveys, interviewers can verify questions by observation, and online surveys cannot. There are many companies surveyed like this, but currently people who survey making money online should only join a few companies that ensure their reputation and definitely pay.
Are online surveys making real money?
For newbies, you may wonder if you have never participated in this form of money. To make money from online surveys is quite simple, you just need to create an account at a certain survey site and then log in occasionally to answer market survey questions given by surveyors. , market researchers compose and post on their survey website, at the request of corporate companies who have paid money to hire them to survey.
For each completed survey, usually about 5 - 50 survey questions, we will be rewarded with a certain number of points, about 5 - 1000 points, depending on the number of questions of each survey, and more. It also depends on the website of each survey company.
After accumulating a certain number of points, we will use these points to convert to cash or exchange for phone scratch card codes, at a certain rate, usually 1 point = 1000 VND.
Every survey page is the same, not every day there are surveys to let us make money, sometimes there can be up to 10 surveys per day, helping us to earn a few hundred a day, but sometimes a whole week. There are any surveys, which means we don't earn any money all week.
So to get more money, let's spend more time participating in many other survey websites of many other market research companies! small accumulation into that
1. InfoQ - Most reputable money survey website
2. VinaResearch - The easiest survey page to do
3.ySense - The best foreign survey site
4. BeanSurvey - Reputation survey should participate
5. iPanel Vietnam - Quick Survey
6. Viewfruit - Quick payment
7. YouGov -Website UK survey
8. Mobrog - Making money survey on the phone