Send lost car, who must compensate?

I park my motorbike in the parking lot near the market. However, when I came back, I lost my car. Please ask, who must compensate? Above is a question from readers with address: quanghungxx @ xx sent to the Lao Dong Newspaper's Legal Consulting Office for advice. Lawyer Pham Thi Hang from Youme Law Firm replied: Article 557 of the Civil Code defines the obligations of property goalkeepers as follows:

1. To preserve the property as agreed, and return the property to the involved parties. sent in the same condition as when received.

2. Only change the way to preserve the property in case it is necessary to preserve the property better, but must notify the sender immediately of such change.

3. To promptly notify the sender of the danger of damage to or damage to the property due to the nature of the property and request the sender to indicate the settlement within a period of time; If that time limit expires but the sender does not respond, the sender may take necessary measures to preserve and request the sender to pay the costs.

4. Must compensate for damage or damage to the property as guaranteed, except for force majeure. Article 559 of the Civil Code provides for the return of guaranteed property as follows:

1. The sender must return the same property received and any benefits, if any, otherwise agreed. The place to return the guaranteed property is the place of deposit; Where the sender requests the return of the property at another place, it will bear the costs of transport to that place, unless otherwise agreed.

2. The bailee must return the property on time and only has the right to request the bailee to take back the property prior to that time, if there is a good reason. As such, the car keeper must compensate you except for force majeure.
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