How to Marketing For Business Newbies

You have a good product or service with a lot of competitive advantage (USP), you have already targeted who will buy your product (Target Audience) and now is an important part of how to reach customers to Check to see what you think is correct.

Step 1: Think about if your customers search before you buy?

The best way to reach customers is when they are in need, and when there is a need, 90% of them will find out on Google first. Previously, Goha only thought about 80%, but when it comes to very "unique" products, customers still find it. Anyway, 80% or 90% does not matter because 10-20% of customers still do not look. For example, no one will buy a can of coca or a snack on Google.

Question: How do I know if a customer is looking for it? which keyword?

The answer is simple: Google Keyword Planner. This is the keyword analysis tool for Google Adwords advertisers. To use you just type in the words that customers can find and then click "Get Ideads".

Note that you must have an account running ads to see the exact monthly search volume. Adwords is a bit difficult these days.

Step 2: If The Visitor Is Searching, Run Google Adwords Ads?

If a small survey in step 1 shows that someone is searching for your product, Goha's advice is that you should run Google Adwords ads.

Q: How much does it cost?

To start, the cost of running Adwords is very cheap, 400,000 VND is to reach 200 searches to click on the website.

With a small cost for testing, will you somewhere that answer your products to convince customers to stay on the website, pick up the phone and buy the product?

The secret to running adwords is to reach the right customers, because Adwords is sometimes a bit "mechanical" @@. For example, if you auction the keyword "tax service", maybe the person looking for "rental debt" can also find it. So check in the "Search Term" section.

Running for a while you will calculate the cost of selling a product, have any profit (ROI) and when you increase your advertising budget by doubling or tripling, can you still keep that profit.

There comes a time when you realize you've reached your limit or are too busy to work on your own, or don't have enough time to learn advertising techniques or simply need time to focus on the product. That's when you need a support unit eg Goha ????

What If You Miss A Guest Not Looking For?

Some products customers will not find for many reasons: completely new products, customers are buying from stores…. Take care of your case if you are confused at the moment just call Goha for a free consultation.

Step 3: Google Adwords is done, what about Facebook?

Some Goha projects advise customers to use Facebook Marketing before Google Adwords.

Q: Why?

Answer: Not because customers are not looking for products on Google, but with some industries competing on Google too high, the cost of getting 1 customer from Facebook is much cheaper. For example, if the customer you are targeting falls on people aged 18-25, who like fashion, like to buy beautiful products at a reasonable cost, Facebook is definitely number 1.

Some other industries on Facebook are also very successful such as baby clothes, baby products, perfumes, bags ... actually answering this question is only 1 word Experience.

So what to do?

Answer: test run, will know. The first thing to do right away is to think about how you can reach your customers. Facebook has a tool called Audience Insight:

That's it?

Not enough. To run facebook effectively, one more important factor is the content, because Facebook is a social network. Content will account for 50% of success, you should invest in a little quality images, take great photos if you are good, then invest in video, cinemagraph ...

Once sufficient, group testing will be effective.


Above are just 3 basic steps for you to start running ads for your business on your own. To practice it will probably take you 1 week to 1 month to complete. However, it will be interesting if you see things work, you learn a lot more valuable things.