How to create a top notch marketing strategy

Before you can have an effective online marketing strategy, you need to determine how valuable and beneficial your products / services are to your users. As well as the uniqueness differs from other businesses in the market.

What do you sell? What are the outstanding physical features of the product? The uniqueness of your service? How is your offering different from your competitors?

Price (Price)
How much is your product / service? How much profit would you get if you sold at that price? Price strategy in marketing is also an important issue you need to research.

Where can I buy your product / service? Buy it in your own office or anywhere that customers can buy. If you sell multiple locations, add the percentage of sales from all locations.

What is your online marketing strategy, for example? What is your sales strategy? How will the transaction take place? How much does it cost to receive a customer's product / service? Return policy like?

Just like the price strategy in marketing (Price), you have to be aware of a few issues. How do customers know about your product / service? How do I inform them of the features and benefits you offer? What marketing tactics will you use? How do you predict the results of each method? You can offer deals or coupons to attract customers.

Who are these people (sales staff, assistants, ...)? What are their jobs (eg selling by phone, customer service)? How will their qualifications / experience help your business?