A YouTube channel owner can make up to millions of dollars per month through display advertising on video.

For Internet users, creating a YouTube channel is not too difficult, just a Google account. Once the channel is available and the video is uploaded, users can earn money through their views. The more views, the greater the amount earned.
According to YouTube's community terms, a channel that is eligible to enable monetization must have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months for all videos and 1,000 subscribers. Besides, the channel must also reach 10,000 views (view) and this is the real view, not the virtual view. Detecting real or virtual views is done through a dedicated tool of YouTube.

According to Quora, there are two forms of making content on YouTube: "cook" old clips, or create new ones. Of these, creativity is chosen more by the higher revenue it brings, as well as not afraid of problems with copyright.

In addition to domestically, creators can build clips overseas, due to higher advertising pay. "With 1,000 views, if in the US or Europe pay 2-3 USD, in Vietnam only 0.3 - 0.5 USD", a person doing YouTube content in Ho Chi Minh City revealed.

To get revenue, users have to become channel partners, called YouTube Partner - YouTube's partnership program with "publishers" to show ads on their videos. There are two ways to become a YouTube Partner, one is to sign up directly with YouTube or through an intermediary partner, also known as the YouTube network.

According to USNews, usually channel owners can make money directly through YouTube by linking their accounts with Google Adsense - a Google advertising distribution service. When connected to this service, your video will display ads of Google partners, money earned through users viewing or clicking on them. The channel owner can receive money via Western Union or domestic bank transfer, but it must reach a minimum of 100 USD.

The more popular way to make money through YouTube is to join the YouTube network, mainly a multi-channel network (MCN). When participating, channel owners will enjoy certain benefits such as promoting the channel, connecting to some advertisers, settling disputes ...

In particular, the channel will be enabled content ID - a feature that helps YouTube find pirated videos. It allows copyright holders to request removal of infringing clips or let them exist but take full ad revenue.

In return, when cooperating, the channel owner is not entitled to 100% of advertising money as with the first form. Instead, MCN will enjoy a certain percentage of the revenue the channel generates, usually 35-50%. Making money is still mainly through Google Adsense, 100 USD unlimited transactions, payment via Paypal.

Making money on YouTube can also be done through the form of Affiliate Marketing, which means you can insert links to a company's products or services on a video or description. When a viewer clicks the link, the channel owner earns a commission. The special thing is that it does not depend on the views, but on the number of people who click to buy.

For popular channels, in addition to revenue from views, they can earn outside through advertising contracts, product reviews with certain businesses, organizations or individuals.

Thanks to the monetization feature, YouTube becomes a platform that enriches many people. According to Forbes, the 10 biggest winners on the Google platform last year reached more than 10 million USD, such as Ryan ToysReview (22 million USD), Jake Paul (21.5 million USD), PewDiePie (15.5 million USD). ) ...

However, making money on Google's video network is not easy. In its terms, YouTube can delete the video or even delete the channel if it detects that the posted content violates copyright, pornography, violence, violation of fine customs ... as in the case of Pretty "Cool" . Before being deleted, this person's channel had nearly 2 million subscribers, earning more than 400 million dong a month.