In the past, the apps that made money on mobile phones did not generate significant income. However, in 2020 the prestige of making money APP on smartphones has really exploded. So how to make money on the phone through the application? This article will guide you in detail.

What is making money on the phone? What is the money making app?
Making money on your phone from money-making apps (android app, ios) is how you use your smarrtphone to install, use and perform tasks to get income.

After doing the tasks you will receive rewards (cash, scratch cards ...) respectively from the app publisher. This is a fairly simple form of making money on the phone, without capital, suitable for all ages, whether students or workers.

Normally, bonuses can be paid out to you through scratch cards, cash, fastest game cards or withdrawn to momo e-wallet, bank account, or paypal.
Quests to do for bonuses
App publishers need to get customers to install and use their apps so they have a bonus program that attracts more and more users.
The publisher will pay you rewards such as scratch cards, cash, .. when you do one of the following tasks:
Invite others to install the app
See ads on the app
Read newspaper on the phone
watch videos on the app
Answer survey questions
Share articles on social networks
and many other jobs depending on the app, ...
When the publisher attracts more users, you also generate more income.
Popular forms of making money on the phone
Some popular forms of making money on mobile phones from today's apps can be mentioned as:
App to read newspapers make money
Video-watching apps make money
App make money playing games
Watch money ads
Investment application to make money online
If you work hard you can earn a lot of income from these money making apps. Thuan joined 15 apps in the first 3 months of 2020 with the highest daily income of 1.5 million depending on the app's bonus program.
Prepare to make money on the phone?
To be able to participate in the form of making money on the phone from installing and doing tasks on the money-making app, you need to prepare:
First, you need a smartphone running one of the two Android or iOS operating systems to install the application. The applications that I introduce below are mostly available on Android phones, while iOS has more strict terms, so only a few have, and WindowPhone uses few so the developers do not make apps.
The following pros will guide you to make money from reputable money-making apps on phones 2020.
5 apps to make money on phones 2020
To select 15 money making apps on this phone, the pros team tested and successfully withdraw money many times and chose to create the highest demand from these online money making apps:
1. Ola City earns 1 million / day
2. Timebucks - Register to receive $ 0.25 now
3. Read newspapers make money with good newspapers 24 hours
4. New report - download the app to receive scratch cards
5. Akulaku - app make money online6. Momo e-wallet - earn 1 million per day
 6. Momo e-wallet - earn 1 million per day