4 ways to make money with SEO Web has top Google

In all of the documentation on how to SEO Web so far, even for newbies who don't know anything, to veteran players who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, web SEO is still considered a child. an efficient and extremely sustainable way to make money. Especially it will bring you passive income. A place where you only need to spend time and effort building the first stage.

 Place Google Adsense ads
There is good news and bad news (sad part more) when you read this paragraph. The good news is that this seems to be the most popular way to make money by all who are making websites around the world.

Remember only about 3-4 years ago, Google Adsense was really the "gold mine" of websites because it only needed to register as a partner with Google (conditions in those days were extremely easy even the website used the tool. to copy other web content), then put a few ad slots and money poured in.

But "grandmother's life is not easy to eat", that period lasted only 2-3 years. Then, Google started to tighten Adsense very carefully, causing blogger to fall into two situations:
• Creating web is a lifetime, writing full content, the web is still not made money by Google
• Having been approved to make money, the CPM (payout per 1000 ad impressions) is extremely low, especially Vietnamese web. The whole day has not been a few dollars, including Traffic from SEO.

Currently, Vietnam is ranked 108 in the world in terms of CPC price, quite poor and lost to Malaysian and Chinese brothers (CPC $ 0.11), Thai ($ 0.17), Indonesia ($ 0.06).

These things have made Google Adsense no longer a channel to make money too "divine" as in the old days. So I will only mention it, not talk about this in depth.

Essential wordpress plugins to support placing ads

Affiliate Marketing (placing affiliate marketing links on website)
Affiliate marketing, also known as Affiliate marketing, is a form of promoting products or services of a Provider which is the company whose products and services want through the websites of the partners (publisher) to promote the goods. services to end users.
How to make money with affiliate marketing if website has SEO?
First, let's refer to some ways SEO Web makes money through Affiliate:

✪ Coupon code page

✪ Price comparison page

✪ Cashback page

✪ Review page

✪ Specialized field page

✪ Mega traffic page (press, news, ...)

✪ Other types of high traffic pages

When you run Affiliate, your SEO traffic will be "compensated" for the value it brings.

The second advantage of affiliate marketing is that there are huge commissions, especially traffic from SEO. When I put Facebook Instant Article or Adsense, I followed CPM, web CPC I earned when pouring 2 types of traffic: SEO and Paid Ads. Then I realized: there is not much difference.

I don't like this very much because I feel that it is not worth the effort of doing SEO. But for me, a web traffic paid Ads is never worth equal to a pure SEO Organic web Traffic, which is well invested in content.

However this is not possible with Affiliate. I have tested and realized that Traffic SEO brings in extremely high conversions and commissions, even in quantity, it is inferior to Paid Ads. With 100 clicks from SEO I can earn nearly 10-20 orders, which with Paid I need a few thousand traffic. It is easy to understand, once a user searches for something they find the top 1 web search for, then they go to the web, then read the article, and if your content is better, that application will have a very high success rate.

After 1 month of running Affiliate with 20 cosmetic reviews, D2C industry products (both I wrote and hired writers), I earned more than 15 million commissions with a very small cost. It would be even more if I knew how to drive more traffic.